The Tauranga Amateur Variety Concert

The Tauranga Amateur Variety Concert (TAVAC) presents a variety of musical styles, and acoustic instruments performed by intermediate and advanced musicians.  It's an opportunity to support development of the musical arts in Tauranga, as well as enjoy a good, and in general light hearted concert, with a few 'serious' pieces. If you are a musician, its a great opportunity to perform (see the 'Info for Musicians' page).

The Event schedule for 2023 is:

• Composer's Competition
Entries open until 16th September - First Prize $800, 2nd Prize $300, 3rd Prize $150 - For the format of the competition see 'Info for Musicians'

Competition results:

First Place (Tie): Luke (YuYang) Ding and Chris Artley
Second Place : Andrew Perkins
Third Place: James Burt

For further details see 'Year 2023 in Review'

• Concert
No concert is arranged for 2023. If you would like to arrange or assist with organising a small relatively informal concert please contact the organiser