The Tauranga Amateur Variety Concert

The purpose of the concerts is firstly for musicians to gain experience performing on stage, and secondarily to provide an enjoyable experience for the audience. 

A musician can be an expert musician, but without stage experience, usually their stage performances have room for improvement.  The concerts are intended to be a platform for light hearted music, but there are a few sombre, and reflective pieces. A wide variety of music is performed, by soloists and small groups of up to 5 musicians.  Acoustic instruments and voice are used, with no recorded backing music.

The concert is intended for performers intermediate and above, who have 3 or more years of experience (either tuition, or self training). For reference, this would be equivalent to having completed the grade 3 ABRSM exam. There is no limit on the age of applicants. The maximum allocated performance time per applicant is 12 minutes (although it is 5 minutes for intermediate level performers).  Musicians outside Tauranga, and professionals who wish to perform are welcome. Additional information can be found in the Downloads section below.

Schedule 2023

- 1st July - Composers Competition entries OPEN - 1st Prize $800, 2nd $300, 3rd $150 , and close on 16th September

The composition is for 1 to 5 musical instruments. The playing time is between 90 seconds and 5 minutes in length. The composition piece should be of grade 3 to grade 8 ABRSM technical level. The technical complexity is not necessarily an advantage e.g. a grade 3 level piece written for a single instrument solo, might win. See the entry form (Downloads Section below) for more details.


TAVAC Composer's Information and Application form (2023 version)   

TAVAC Composer's Competition - Marking Criteria